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Learning more about our services and what we do is essential, especially if you think your home needs grass mowing services or other services that suit your lawn.


Hopefully, while reading our FAQs, you can understand something from our company, and we are looking forward to working with you. 

Are the products for weed control applications safe for my family and pets?

All of the products that we use are mixed and applied according to the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In their diluted form, they are considered by the EPA to be “practically non-toxic.” So you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals because we don’t use it at all. Your family and pets are safe from us.

Why do I still have weeds after two treatments?

Controlling weeds is a process. All weeds will not be removed overnight. Weeds are seasonal, and there are different types at different times of the year. It takes 1-2 years on a typical property to eliminate most of the weeds.

How many times a year do you treat the lawn?

Our most popular and effective program consists of 8 treatments per year, but we customize a plan to meet your needs. Just tell us your problems, and we can tailor a solution for you.

How will I know if a technician treated my property?

If you are not at home when we work with your lawn service, you will receive an after-service email with detailed notes within 12-24 hours of treatment. We also put a flag on your lawn with the time and date of the visit.

How much do your services cost?

In Landscaping Miami, FL, we offer the most affordable service. We also have different packages to suit your needs—the prices change with different packages.

How do you determine the height that you cut my lawn?

We determine what height to cut your lawn by a number of factors, but most commonly, it is based on the time of year. When we begin mowing your lawn in the spring, we will mow it lower. As the temperatures warm up, your grass usually needs to be cut higher in order to combat the heat. During the hot summer months, we mow your lawn very high, allowing it to be as thick and green as possible. As the weather begins to cool down in fall, we will slowly start to cut the lawn a little shorter each week.

Can I water my lawn the day you mow?

In most cases, our clients have set scheduled service days. We ask that you do not water your lawn on your scheduled service day.

How often and when should I water my lawn?

Water your lawn in periods of drought. If your lawn needs watering, you will notice the blades fold in half in an attempt to save water. Footprints will remain visible after stepping on the lawn if your lawn shows these signs, water deeply one or two times a week to a maximum of one inch. Approximately 15-30 minutes of watering time. A rain gauge can help ensure the proper amount is given. The best time to water is in the early morning between 6:00-10:00 am, as wet grass in the hot afternoon sun can burn.

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